Saturday, 6 October 2012

Old waters!

Today (4th Oct) we cruised along our old home waters – the familiar and the known.
We came through the Bollington canal corridor which retains the essence of it's 1850's industry. Both Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill are being fully utilised by a variety of small business.
Emerging from the wooded cut under the grandeur of Clarence Mill, built 1831

Looking back at Clarence Mill with the new(ish) footbridge

Pulling in at Bollington Wharf for a pump out /diesel, it was good to meet our previous neighbours and pass our old mooring berth. We moored here from 2004 to 2011.

Pulling into Bollington Wharf for services
Our old mooring


Adelphi Mill at Bollington, built 1856
Effectively this summer, we have been doing the clockwise Cheshire Ring, albeit in two sections. All the years of cruising the Macclesfield Canal, perhaps we have taken it for granted. Having come back this year, with fresh eyes, the canal is full of interest and beauty, both rural and industrial.
We cruised through Macclesfield, passing the majestic Hovis Mill built in 1831, now apartments. I've been told this mill also produced the metal baking tins, as well as the flour/ bread and the paper wrappings for their famous loaves?

Read more about the Mill, indeed the history of the Macclesfield Canal on the excellent Macclesfield Canal Society website: Macclesfield Canal Society
CRT Yard at Swettenham Street Wharf

  Approaching Verdon's Bridge No.41 – the location of a severe landslip some years ago and the subsequent additional supporting abutments

New additional abutments

Looking back at the roving bridge, Foden Bank Bridge No.43

We moored on the Gurnett Aqueduct Visitor Moorings, from where I walked into town to get some supplies from Aldi!

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