Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back on Dry Land!

Docking April 2013

It started as a cold morning with the biting easterly wind. There was some ice on the Shroppie though the marina pool was largely clear.

The coal boat Victoria – heading back from the Ellesmere Port gathering?

We waited until other boat movements were underway at the slipway, then started up the Lister and made our first boat 'cruise' for many months. As instructed, coming into a spare berth near the workshop. I came perfectly, except not to the berth I was intending! Windy!

Before long it was our turn to be loaded. Simon, the Engineer came aboard and took the helm. He has the old working motor Ian, also with a JP2, so wasn't phased by the speedwheel and crank reverser.

Reversing out into the wind


Perfect entry! Alan the Workshop Manager guides the bow.

Onto the boat sledge

Safely loaded and on the way out
 Gary drives the powerful tractor provides the grunt – borrowed from farm duties

Up and away

Being pulled into our 'land berth'

We were positioned in front of the paint workshop. Later I checked with Sally the Painter that her schedule would be for a 4 week slot – should be plenty of time for us?!


Placed on 3 wood chocks, on the solid hardstanding. We re-positioned the rear chocks under the heaviest rear section being the engine.

Dave uses the pressure washer to clean off the grot!












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