Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Hammer Test – A Birthday Treat!

Hull Condition Survey - 5th April

I had postponed our scheduled 'out of water' survey from February – a good decision as the weather then was fierce. Now, in April, at least it is dry though with a bitingly cold easterly. We are catching this being higher up on the hardstanding.

Trevor, our Surveyor, came up early from Northampton to do the Hull Condition Survey. He last surveyed the boat for a pre-purchase in 2003, so there have been many changes.

Trevor is renowned for providing a robust traditional hammer testing of the hull plating.
It made quite a loud resonant dong when heard from inside!

 Trevor with his trusty hammer

The dreaded hammer in action!

Overall, the plating was sound, being the Imperial 1/4” used by Les Allen from 1977.
We had the base plate re-soled with an additional 6mm in 2004 when Graham Pearce at Stockton Dry Dock did the work needed to install the re-conditioned JP2.

There has been some wear, particularly just above the bottom plate – from inside. Probably due to periods of wet bilges. Given the boat was a Section 8 recovery and when we got it had flooded bilges, this will have contributed. Trevor insisted I check for wet bilges regularly.

Ultrasonic plate testing thickness

Local pitting – this one at 2.6mm needs welding up
Overall, the hull is in reasonable condition for its age – some 36 years now!

However, corrosion in bottom of the gas locker, probably over many years, failed the hammer testing! He noticed the drain holes were higher than the base?!

The gas locker will need a new base tray with 3” sides, welded into the locker after the old base is cut out. The engineers will schedule this work before we go back into the water.

So, all in all, a reasonable hull condition survey – a sort of birthday present?!

We celebrated my 62nd birthday having a meal in the Overwater Café with Chris' sister and husband.

Chris and Anton

Birthday Celebrations!

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