Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wind and Welding!

We are now into our fourth week on the hardstanding outside the workshop at the Marina.
Although the rain has mostly held off, the wind has continued to be strong and gusting – really cold for the time of year.

Boat city – tucked in against the workshop
This has put a hold on any outside painting – though a brief sunny interlude tempted me into doing a final top coat on one of the rear cabin panels. To my embarrassment, the paint was too thick and I ended with sags and runs!!

It will just have to be sanded off and I'll have another go!

I have been most grateful for the use of a small end of the paint workshop and have been able to repair and paint the top lights, clean and paint the poles and plank and paint up the kitchen side doors. All very helpful.

Finishing black crescent to the top light

During our Leeds and Liverpool cruise last summer, we experienced a lot of water getting into the anchor locker. The up-stand at the forward edge had been taken down to make room for a rather ill-fitting locker lid!

Old lip – showing a meagre 6mm

Simon the Engineer has welded in a new and taller 20mm up-stand with wings which I hope will considerably help. If need be, I can also use this edge to tape a protective plastic over the top?

New up-stand

Work has then moved to sorting out the rusty gas locker.

Old gas locker ready for cutting – for ease of access

Dave the engineer cutting out the old rusty base plate

Simon laughing at the amount of rust?!

Ready for measuring up for new plate

Welding gear and the new base and 3” tray takes shape

Still work in progress!

And we are due to go back in the water this Tuesday!!

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