Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cruising the Warwickshire Avon July 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

The Stratford River Festival was over and boats had moved off the raft moorings - except us, as the last 'anchor boat'.  Here we are, stuck out somewhat! After shopping for more supplies, we decided to make a move down river.

Our boat sticking out across the river - Holy Trinity church shows above the trees
Since arriving on the River, the water level has fallen - here showing now well within the green (safe navigation ) 

Passing below the Town Lock Weir

Here moored for water - breasted up! Nb Laplander moored behind

Although the river level board showed 'green', there was still a fair amount of water crossing each weir - here at Stan Clover Lock. The weir race certainly had a 'pull' on the boat
Some of the locks were 7' plus deep - here showing the turbulence of the water when filling the lock

The River Avon varies in width and depth - here it narrows and the stream flow doubles!

This large modernised lock celebrates the canal and river pioneer, Robert Aickman.
It was he who started and passionately drove the canal inland waterways restoration movement. His single-minded commitment achieved much - although also alienated him!

This memorial brick 'bench' is memory of Robert Aickman (1914 -81). He was Chairman of the Upper Avon Navigation Trust when the River Avon was re-opened by HM The Queen Mother in 1974 - part of the celebration of this year's River Festival
Right next to the lock is the ruined Harvington Mill - it's been like this for years!

There are many holiday houses along the river bank - showing them on stilts to deal with the flooding that occurs

A strange building - the Offenham Lighthouse

This shows Chris holding on having come in against the Evesham weir barrier to lock down - it must be one of the hardest approaches on the river - thankfully the river flow is low

We winded (turned) at Evesham and moored up - here looking at the apartments opposite.
To be continued!

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