Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The River Avon - Home to Shakespeare July 2014

Our Summer Cruise July 2014 - Day 21
Completed 0.5 mile and the Stratford Wide Lock

We expected to called down onto the river around 10.00am and sure enough, that happened. We locked down with a 62' Stephen Goldsborough Trad (RN real engine) called 'nb Willy No Name'. The river level board showed just touching green and the 'fun' started!!

Well wishers from Nb Eclipse No.2 - they come down later today

Out through the Stratford Wide Lock - Nb Willy No Name leads

Help from a happy Peter from Nb Chip

Looking back at the footbridge

Passing the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Holy Trinity Church - Where Shakespeare is buried

Ian, the Festival Moorings Officer, heaves on a rope to get us tied into the anchor buoy

Avon Navigation Trust's Richard and colleague heave up the shackle under the buoy to tie us up

Watched with interest by other boaters!

Mary on Nb Eclipse No.2 arrives to the mooring lower down - bow rope at the ready

Mike manoeuvres his boat alongside

Unfortunately, our anchor buoy was slightly too close to the bank, so our boats are sitting on top of it - here the buoy shows between us and the next boat in

Having moored up safely, we took the historic chain ferry over to the town bank - for a well deserved ice-cream!

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