Saturday, 26 July 2014

Down the 'Stairway to Heaven' - Hatton Locks July 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014
Day 43 - 7 miles and 21 locks
Part 1

Another lovely day as we set off to Warwick. The first section from our mooring at Kingswood Junction is along the broad Grand Union Canal - deep and wide, so we ticked along at a good pace where I could see the 'road ahead'.

It was a good day of canal cruising down the Hatton Flight and into the Saltisford Arm at Warwick - so I have posted in two parts.

Just above Kingswood Junction - all set to cruise to Warwick

A photo of a landslip on the Rowington 'tunnel' - apparently it was planned as a tunnel, then opened out as a deep cutting so as to use the spoil for a large embankment through the bridge

A simple accommodation Bridge No.61 - with a riveted iron girder base

The sad sight of these wooden boats

Entering the Shrewley Tunnel - note the higher and smaller horse tunnel for them to go over the top of the hill

Inside the tunnel - with our tunnel lamp lighting the walls - it was wet inside!

Looking back at the tunnel portal

Hatton locks - a couple of the bottom paddles were broken - it didn't affect us as we used just the towpath paddles and one lock gate

A photo showing the older single lock - now used as the by-weir. The newer concrete broad locks were part of the improvements in the 1930's

Hatton Canal and River Trust Yard

Sharing a lock with a CR working tug and butty

They breed 'em big here!

Chris brings the boat into the lock below the CRT Yard
To be continued ...

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