Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Festival Fun at Stratford July 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

We stopped for 6 days on the River Avon at Stratford and had great weather and a great time! Visits from my brother on the Saturday and Chris' sister and family on the Sunday also made it quite special.

Here are some more photos of the Festival Weekend.

This 50ft wooden cruiser came to the Royal opening of the Stratford Canal in 1964
The 'Tavy Cleave' is now owned by a charitable trust in Liverpool who have renovated the boat and intend to use it for day cruises for disadvantaged people

The historic plaque of 1964


A gondolier appeared!

Model boats were using the river

We celebrated as well! We have had our boat 'Song of the Waterways' for 11 years now and have only just put our name on the cabin sides!
No.2 as it's our second boat and we are it's second owners!
We are dressed in our Sunday best!
Rosie and Jim also enjoyed the sunny occasion!

As night fell, the boats were illuminated

A fabulous day ended with fabulous fireworks!


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