Thursday, 19 June 2014

Alternator and an Afternoon Cruising!

Our Summer Cruise 2014 - Day 6 15.5 miles and 1 lock

We have problems charging our batteries  - even with the new alternator belt not giving a lot of squealing! The squealing had become constant!
So - I decided to change the alternator for the spare I carried!

Old alternator removed from bracket

New alternator to go on
Tools needed for the job!
Fitted and off we go at lunchtime! 

Entering the Cowley Tunnel - we had done this journey at the same time last year, so for interest see the blog link for June 2013

Pretty garden!

This quite ornate bridge seems out of keeping with the others on this stretch?

Looking back down the 'narrows' - where the Navies only cut a single passage into the sandstone bedrock

With the sun through the trees - a delightful wooded cutting

The elegant bridge at Authlerley Junction having just turned onto the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal - where we moored for the night

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