Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wooded Woodeaves Cutting June 2014

Our Summer Cruise - Day 4 10 miles and 5 locks
We set off reasonably early in warm sunshine and soon entered the sandstone cutting towards the Tyrley flight of 5 locks.
Chris deals with the top paddles on Lock No. 2

A view of the collection of canal buildings at the Top Lock
Next comes the deep Woodeaves Cutting which has always posed a challenge in maintenance, with it's steep sides having many landslides.
The canal width narrows here as it cuts through the rock, making passing a cautious affair.

A landslip from last winter

Looking back at the heavily wooded cutting

The aptly named High Bridge - giving a sense of the scale of the cutting

Heading southwards - the Skipper with suitable glasses in the strong sun


The old Cadbury Factory at Knighton

One of the most photographed bridges in the Grub Street Cutting

Arriving at Norbury Wharf - the Canal Trust workshops and heritage crane

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