Saturday, 14 June 2014

Start to Summer Cruisiing 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014 - Day 1 2.5 miles and 13 locks

Having got back from Kent, we set ourselves a 6-week period to do boat maintenance and improvements - along with some band jobs with Wychcraft and Rode Hall Silver Band and some walking etc.

One of my  last jobs was to lift the hold floor for inspection and touch up the red oxide. All seemed OK. Also, put up and painted the t & g cladding on the water tank box.

Hold base plate - with the substantial Les Allen keelson

Front hold still in 'workshop' mode
Front hold - tidied up with new cladding 

On the service berth - last minute preparations and goodbyes

Farewell to Overwater Marina for four months

First encounter with the Audlem rapids - the torrent of water coming down pinned the boat against the edge!

First of (no doubt) many CRT maintenance jobs

Chris steers up through the Audlem pound

An example of the barrel type of roof on the canal stables

A view - of somewhere? - from the canal

A lovely end to our first day out cruising!


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  1. Great pics! Have a wonderful journey. Xxx