Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Guests join us on the Napton Flight - Oxford Canal Aug 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 48 - 2 miles and 6 locks and a bbq

We were joined today by our Nephew and his Fiancee, who had driven up from Hitchen.
Having left their car at the Bridge Inn by permission of the manager, we headed slowly round the Brindley bends towards the Napton Locks.

Our guests took turns as their 'new' skills of steering and locking!
With the weather predicted to be sunny and warm, we had planned a bbq towards the top of the lock flight - bearing in mind our guests would have to walk back down in the dark!

The lock crew at work - Poppy shows her 'Auntie' how to do it!

New helmsman for some of the day

At the second Napton Lock, CRT workers were fitting a new lock beam - all this whilst boats were passing through! They looked very efficient and tidy workers with a helpful smile!

This is the temporary repair structure on Lock 10 where the wash wall has collapsed. Just the one paddle was in use to minimise wash to the weakened wall

The traditional photo of Dan and Poopy on a lock beam

The skipper looks along the boat

Poppy with her Auntie and Uncle

We moored on the long pound above Lock 13 for a warm and relaxed bbq - here are the happy boaters with guest crew

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