Thursday, 14 August 2014

Oxford Canal towards Cropedy Aug 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 49 - 12.5 miles and 5 locks

We really have been fortunate with the weather this summer - the best for some years?
After a cooked breakfast, we set up the 3 remaining Napton Locks to reach Marston Doles.
The top pound of the Southern Oxford Canal winds across agriculture land in typical Brindley style so I needed to take avoiding action at times on bends from enthusiastic hire boaters. Stopping at Fenny Compton for some fresh supplies, we noted the Wharf Inn for our return.

The canal had much of interest - not least being adjacent to a very noisy and dusty combine getting the wheat harvest, early this year?
Reaching Claydon Locks, the weather had turned breezy and colder with dark clouds arriving so we decided to moor up - particularly as warned by a passing boater the banks were clogged with boats down to the Cropedy Folk Festival. As we moored it teemed with rain - so a good choice!
Later, walking down the locks there were plenty of spaces available in the longer pounds - still we avoided the rain and had a good nights sleep.

Unusual cattle at Lock No.14 - water buffalo!

Looking up at Marston Doles, the top lock of the Napton Flight and the beginning of the curly long pound

This photo shows another wheat field which bordered the canal in abundance - also an Anti HS2 placard. Just whose benefit is this costly intrusion for - certainly not rural Warwickshire

This curious footbridge is quite recent and called the 'Wedding Bridge No.131A - there must be a story here?!

We encountered the first of the lift bridges - almost all were left open

This interesting little bridge is over the reservoir feeder from Boddington Reservoir, some 2.5 miles to the east

A delightful lock cottage at Claydon Top Lock - up for sale. As an aside, we have passed a number of canal side properties for sale?!

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