Sunday, 24 August 2014

Travelling to Thrupp Aug 2014

Our Summer Cruise

Day 61 - 7.5 miles and 5 locks

After a pump out at Heyford Wharf (where we met Andy who lives on nb Nutwood, we were at Bollington Wharf at the same time 9 years ago) and the purchase of a new tipcat, we headed further south.
The canal is very rural and wanders along reedy banks. Passed the busy and quite crowded Enslow before doing the River Cherwell section.
Arriving at Thrupp at the beginning of the bank moorings, we got in on a bend, not chancing a better visitor mooring further down.

A narrow bendy section with full vegetation

This pound was down somewhat - though there seemed enough depth for our 2'9" skeg

The river level at Baker's Lock down onto the R.Cherwell section

Leaving Baker's Lock - with the towpath bridge over the River entering on the right

On the River Cherwell

Sitting above Shipton Weir Lock whilst Chris sorts it out

This is another of the larger width locks to give enough water for lock depth lower down

Entering Thrupp with an interesting garden

An embankment protection gate

New tipcat fitted giving some extra protection for the rudder

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