Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Heading for Napton Junction on the Grand Union Aug 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 47 - 8 miles and 19 locks

After a shorter day yesterday, having moored at the top of Fosse Locks, I wanted to get round to Napton Junction. It was a beautiful day and after our cooked breakfast set off in anticipation of the cruise up the broad canal and locks.

Our start stuttered to begin with as we let a hire boat go ahead where they had little control of the steering - followed by an incompetent private boater flushing a lot water through the Bascote Staircase by not closing a bottom paddle.
We eventually made progress along the now low pound towards Stockton.

Our younger locking team at work

Here, at Stockton, we saw the Forth's boat. John (now passed away) constructed our boat in 2000 from the Les Allen Section 8 salvage and put a new cabin on and fitted it out. Maddie Forth did much of the painting decoration in the Boatman's Cabin

It was exactly 10 years ago that our boat was in this dry dock at Stockton - having the steel work constructed to take the new JP2M engine and engine room. We also had the boat underplated with a 6mm bottom plate for good measure 

Here at Stockton, reminiscing with Graeme Pearce who did the major work in 2004

I couldn't resist this photo of the FMC boat Camel, taken here at Stockton - it is owned by  my dental hygienist in Manchester, so we have boating conversations when in the dentist's chair - it helps!

Chris steers the boat up one of the many short pounds whilst climbing up the lock flight - Poppy walks up as well

A view looking up the Stockton Flight

We had the pleasure of sharing a number of locks with nb 'Musn't Grumble' - it made for easier locking. Here the lock wheelers discuss matters?!

My turn to steer - following Musn't Grumble into the top lock at Stockton

Now on the pound towards Calcutt Locks - a few of the interesting and assorted craft. The smaller boat is the BW Tug Ruislip

These are the draw off ducts for pumping the canal water up the lock flights

This is for Paul Smith - we passed at about 6pm so all was closed down. This is the Calcutt Marina Reception/shop - Paul works and has his boat here and runs the excellent website 'Living on a Narrowboat' - see link

Chris steers up to the turn at Napton Junction - we moored shortly after - a long and pleasurable day's cruising with great weather!

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