Monday, 3 June 2013

Audlem RNLI Festival - 2nd June

This last weekend has seen a very successful RNLI Festival, here at the Overwater Marina.

Chris was on the rota for the RNLI tea and cake stall, not least getting the tea urn switched on early.

I mainly focussed (and stressed!) about getting our two bands into the playing positions.
As with all fĂȘtes there is a degree of flexibility needed!

On Saturday night, our Wychcraft Big Band (link) played to a full marquee – and to loud applause. We ended the night clearing up and helping to shut the marquee down.

On Sunday, the wind was still too strong for the brass band to play outside, so changes to stall holders and the timetable were made to accommodate everyone.

Firstly, the Raft Race attracted a good number of crews and spectators.

The home interest was with the Morris Brothers – riding oil barrels kindly donated from Uncle Morris. They gave a great battle into the headwind and came mid-field – already discussing future modifications to their (c)raft and the need for more secret training.


At the start line awaiting the 'Go!' from Janet, our Marina Owner and Manager

On the paddle!

This wonderful 1906 Traction Engine came along as well

The highlight of the afternoon for me was playing with our Rode Hall Silver Band – here at the Marina, literally in my back garden!

Yes it was a squash to all get in. And yes, we needed to play our best to a expectant audience. We did just that and our two sets went very well indeed!

Thank you to the Band and to Nigel our Musical Director for coming over for the Festival.

Rode Hall Silver Band at the RNLI Festival, at Overwater Marina

Youtube of Dear Lord and Father, and then Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. [Highlighting the festive front row – Chris on camera and my Father-in-Law 0n upload - thanks!]

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