Thursday, 13 June 2013

Birmingham - City of Canals Contd.

Summer Cruise 2013 – Tues 11th June

Day 7: Cruising the Old Main Line or Coming Home?!
             1 tunnel, 3 locks and 9 miles

Part 2 – Into the City

We followed the Old Main Line route, under the M5 and then crossing the new (and improved by Telford) line at Stewart's Aqueduct.

This meant we needed to drop down the Smethwick 3 locks to join the New Main Line.

At the top of Smethwick Locks is the entrance to the Engine Arm (a dead end). I walked along part of it to have a look and it looked deserted even though my map shows services at the end – perhaps I didn't go far enough?
Looking down from the aqueduct to the Main Line, some 20ft below

Chris setting the top lock 

 Assuming this is working - counting the boat passage
 One of a number of derelict entrances to side docks
 An old foundry site at Soho - still with some metal reclamation works

 This is only the 2nd boat passing all day - and at the old toll narrows!
We went round the Soho Loop and here are crossing the Main Line to enter the Icknield Port Loop

 The Main Line - looking back west

Approaching the CaRT Yard
The water supply feeder from the Edgbaston Reservoir

Winding in the entrance to the Oozells Street Loop - thankfully nothing coming!

Looking back at the round island at Deepcutting Junction

We found a mooring place in our favourite spot and even got some evening sun.
Here we can get good mobile, 3-dongle and TV signals.

We plan to be here to very early on Friday morning. 

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