Thursday, 13 June 2013

Birmingham – Chilling Out

Summer Cruise 2013 – Wed/Thurs 12th/13th June

Day 8 & 9: Visits to the Ikon Gallery and Carluccio's and the Hippodrome

We have given ourselves 2 days this week to chill out here.
The weather is not good enough to sit for long outside although we did have a coffee in the plaza outside the Ikon Gallery.

This Gallery (link) features modern and/or unusual art. Their current exhibition is of Tapa – the barkcloth paintings from the Pacific Islands. I got permission to photograph a few from Papua New Guinea to send to my brother, Mike, who spent a number of years there following his agriculture course.

This work is paired with that derived from the minimalist line paintings of Francios Morrelllet – both are very striking and fascinating in their raw simplicity.

We walked down to the BBC at Mailboxes though missed Dr.? Yet saw the this strange child? The Dalek just said “####”.

On the way back it poured with rain – taking shelter under the Symphony Hall bridge.

It seemed a better idea to go to Carluccio's for a litebite and drinks – excellent!

Today, the weather is pretty awful and I dodged the heavy showers getting some shopping.

Later this afternoon, we are going to the Hippodrome for the Welsh National Opera's Lohengrin – it has not been done in this country for 25 years!

We are really looking forward to it.
This afternoon, I am sorting out the re-cycling and rubbish, running the engine for battery top-up and getting hot water for showers etc.

Tomorrow is an early start so everything needs to be ready.

 Photograph from the boat looking south east

Looking north west – where we are heading back tomorrow

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