Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leaving things to the last minute!

Tuesday was the last day of preparation before our Summer Cruise.

It wasn't as if the cruise came as a surprise as I had been planning it for some time.

It's just that we had been fitting an awful lot into the preceding weeks – our extended successful docking following the hull survey, the Boat Safety Certificate, Chris' 60th celebrations and the highly enjoyable Audlem RNLI Festival held at Overwater Marina.

Here, the day before we set off, getting things done! [No pics though of shopping or B&Q for bedding plants!]

Masking and painting in the 'scallops'

The damaged impellor from the engine water pump

New Water pump fitted by Simon the Engineer

The sun sets on over the Marina – our last for 4 weeks





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  1. Anton - enjoy your summer cruise! If you get down south it would be great to have a catch up over a summer beer garden pint! I owe you a few :)

    The barge / boat looks fabulous!